Dear Marie

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Dear, Marie
Maybe one day i’ll be able to say I love you.
Maybe a day when the skies are blue,
And the wind sings a delicate tune
I can open my heart and confess to you.
But today is not that day.
Maybe one day i’ll be able to show how much I appreciate you.
Wrap my arms around you a sway to the music,
sway to its beat
And hum songs of sugar sweet.
But today is not that day
Maybe one day i’ll be able to sing with you.
Sing in the street our songs hidden deep.
Lyrics that flow like honey,
Ballads of bittersweet.
But today is not that day.
Maybe one day i’ll be able to dance with you.
Spin you round
And listen to the soft pitter patter of our bare feet,
Hold you close
And listen to our pounding heart beats.
But today is not that day.
Today is the day I say goodbye.
Today is the day which the skies are gray
And the wind whips and howls
Pulling those burning words from my lips.
Today is the day I push you away.
No need to wrap my arms around something that will never need me,
No need to hum songs of sugar sweet love…
When all we can feel is melancholy.
Today is the day im silent.
My song is unwritten
And my voice out of tune.
Today is the day I walk away.
How can someone be close
When I’ve wandered so astray.
Cause how can a dancer dance if they’ve lost their beat,
How can a singer sing if they don’t sound sweet,
How can I appreciate you when you deserve better than me,
How can I love you when I know nobody can love me.
So I apologize,
I sincerely regret to inform you that I have denied.
Denied what you might say,
Your friendship
Your help
Your care
Your affection
And most importantly
Your love.
I Hope you can accept my apology
I know you can find better than me
I know you can love others than me,
So please
Move on from me.
So now I bid you a farewell,
I would say see you tomorrow
But I guess I don’t have one.
Love Marnie.

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