A Letter From An Old Friend

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My god, I’ve missed you..
I guess it’s been a long time since you’ve thought about me.
Hasn’t it?
It’s been awhile since I’ve told you how much you utterly disgust me.
I know everything you’ve done..
And I didn’t think it was possible for anyone
to screw their life up so badly in such a short amount of time.
But somehow you managed to..
God forbid Little Miss Perfect
Lets a few grades slip..
Talks a little more in class..
Lets a couple guys flirt with her,
make her uncomfortable..
Shows a little skin..
Isn’t it?
You don’t understand how much of a disappointment you are.
Do you?
You’re just letting everyone down..
Your mother, oh your poor mother.
Can’t you listen to her?
I know you must have a hard time,
Considering you’re a walking marshmallow with the face that only a mo-…
Not even a mother could love.
But maybe just try to wear a little more makeup.
You’re already a slut anyways.
Aren’t you?
Your eyes are uneven.
Your lips are ginormous.
Do you even have eyebrows?
How many pimples are in this connect the dots?
Your parents must clearly not love you enough to fix your teeth.
And that nose..
Someone should try to punch it back into place..
Oh..you thought I didn’t remember?
The day you were crying on the bathroom floor,
Too weak to stand up and face those girls,
Your “friends,”
Your only friends.
They just wanted to help..
How could they not want to fix the ugly girl’s poor nose..?
But don’t think about that day.
It’s in the past.
It’s all over now.
Let’s talk about something more current.
Have you learned how to dress yourself yet?
You need to hide your body – hide your curves
So you don’t draw any attention to yourself.
That’s what you want now, right?
You want them to stop calling out to you when you wear leggings?
And haven’t you gotten tired of telling people that your eyes aren’t on your chest?
Oh..you have..?
Oh…you don’t dress..like a prostitute?
…you don’t..sleep around?
…you don’t..draw attention to your cleavage?
…you’re…female though…right?
Well, there you go.
Anyways, I should be going.
You probably have a very long night ahead of you,
You know, with your panic attacks and insomnia and all.
But it’s okay,
You deserve it.
Your Head.

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