Dear Marie

Dear, Marie Maybe one day i’ll be able to say I love you. Maybe a day when the skies are blue, And the wind sings a delicate tune I can open my heart and confess to you. But today is not that day. Maybe one day i’ll be able to show how much I appreciate you. Wrap my arms around you a sway to the music, sway to its beat And hum songs of sugar sweet. But today is not that day Maybe one day i’ll be able to sing with you. Sing in the street our songs hidden deep.… Read More

A Letter From An Old Friend

Hi! My god, I’ve missed you.. I guess it’s been a long time since you’ve thought about me. Hasn’t it? It’s been awhile since I’ve told you how much you utterly disgust me. I know everything you’ve done.. And I didn’t think it was possible for anyone to screw their life up so badly in such a short amount of time. But somehow you managed to.. Congratulations. God forbid Little Miss Perfect Lets a few grades slip.. Talks a little more in class.. Lets a couple guys flirt with her, make her uncomfortable.. Shows a little skin.. Pity. Isn’t it?… Read More

Day and Night

Day and Night We wake up In the day The daylight awakens us. Shining through the curtains. But the day Is nothing but a dream. Society, Is simply a day of our imagination It makes it out to be perfect. The perfect world. Where happy endings prosper We see everything, Perfect, Preserved, Despising change. When really, The daylight blinds us It blinds us so We can’t see the night. Where society, Where we Are really. Criminals and burglars Left and right Nowhere to hide Trapped outside In the night The law It’s no longer the law. Justice? A foreign concept.… Read More

A Number

i find it funny how someone’s appearance and a number that defines their relationship with gravity determines how they are treated. how no matter how amazing a person’s heart may be, someone else can tear them down because of that number how the smaller that number is, the more proud someone can be of their body how someone could tear themselves apart in order to change that number how a person might lie about your appearance just to make you feel better, even when someone’s appearance is simply how they look, and not something that defines their character or their… Read More


Saturday morning I got out of bed. Notes running around my head. I brushed my teeth Got into my Sunday best. Ran down the stairs No mom waiting at the bottom To pat my head. I have a dog instead. Made myself coffee Put my mug in the car. Grabbed my sheet of music Laughed my head off I’d almost forgotten it again. Where are my shoes? I left them upstairs. Now I need to look for my pen. I’m off to a great start. My dog just got fed I forgot to make the bed I’ll have to do… Read More


What happens after? After everything? Might you know? You cry In the bathroom At night In the dark When everyone else is sleeping You rip Your clothes And hide them Under the bed You cut Away the pain in your chest You will throw Things across the room And love the sound it makes on the wall You will scream On the inside Where no one can hear You will stop Speaking to everyone Because you are scared Of what you might say You will push Everyone away Because they ask you what’s wrong They point fingers And can not… Read More


Breathe Just breathe I need to remind myself I know it is sad but You could not understand It takes my attention off The papers in front of me How did it come to this? I thought true love still exists Oh God I just don’t understand! I did not know there was something wrong How did I not know all along? What is it he sees in me That he does not deem worthy? Oh God I just don’t understand! So I got down on my knees I say “God just carry me I need you to strengthen me… Read More


If you kiss me where it hurts Maybe I will believe in good If you give me a shoulder to cry on Maybe I will believe in second chances If you showed me the slit wrists I would know what depression is If you made me cry I would know what it’s like to die If you showed me the world I would know how to be alright If you gave me a good heart I would know what’s it’s like to start over again If you left me I’d know what to expect next If you let me meet… Read More


Why does he take love When he knows he is willing To give it back I know this feeling is nothing concrete Nothing permanent But then Is that why I crave more? I scream when I can’t speak I love when I can’t lust My emotions are all In extremes And when he broke me I didn’t break I shattered

Living, Breathing, Breaking

I am a writer, they say But if I endured so much love So much loss And my wounds are at the tips of my fingers Tell me how am I supposed to write When it stings I can barely get a word out A sinful act of expressing heartbreak A shameless way of hurting The only way I can By being a writer By being human