Living, Breathing, Breaking

I am a writer, they say But if I endured so much love So much loss And my wounds are at the tips of my fingers Tell me how am I supposed to write When it stings I can barely get a word out A sinful act of expressing heartbreak A shameless way of hurting The only way I can By being a writer By being human

Untitled Love

Breaking hearts, for her, was common practice. I should’ve seen it coming. The love made the danger in her look like a safe haven, a mesmerizing world of both mixed emotion and pure lust. So when the hurt came hurdling toward me, all I could do was stare, transfixed in a position of premature sorrow and sadness. Couldn’t I tell that I had already lost? After all, I knew that she would never be the one I could call mine. She had told me herself. She was bad for me, not like a drug you get addicted to. Rather, the… Read More

Confess To Impress

The art we create A once visionary explosion of our thoughts and feelings Is now for the entertainment of others The pleasure of some The satisfaction of an audience that knows nothing of our hearts Formerly a way to express Our hearts When our minds told us no But now We can barely get the words out Unless someone Is holding the pen


BREATHE. I ask myself How am I supposed to write Create Envision When he takes everything Away Every last word and paintbrush Pencil and thought Is stripped from my well being I don’t see a writer when I see Myself Rather a product Of his destruction His war I realize And I can’t hear myself I can’t ask myself To breathe


♀ Women need to learn to live in harmony. The world we live in, they have us against one another, battling it out in the name of fashion, love and God knows what else. But what they don’t know is: women can bond together with this force that not even nature can destroy. We have this radical notion that we are in fact people, human beings who deserve respect and yet the media still decides that it is a notion to kill all men. Since when did a defiance of misogyny become hatred for another gender? The society surrounding us… Read More