Palette is a creative collaboration, blending together the talent, imagination and personality of the artists at Churchill Junior High School. At its heart, it is a sanctuary for young minds and artistic souls, where creativity is limitless and self-expression is sacred. We are excited to host open mic nights which provide a forum for our voices to perform, read and sing. We will also use these nights as an opportunity to fundraise for our final project: a published Palette literary magazine. Palette is produced completely by the students for the students. During our weekly meetings, students are also encouraged to work on personal writing and art projects and are taught skills that are useful both inside and outside of the classroom, such as giving and receiving constructive criticism. Best of all, we are a family where students can come together and find kindred spirits to collaborate with in music, art and writing. With open minds and eager hearts, Palette invites all into our enchanting world of expression and creativity. See Ms. LeClair for more information.